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600pt Army List

Me and my mate Ben who have only just started playing 8th edition have decided to learn to play with small games just to make sure we learn the rules.

Ben is playing Warriors of Chaos and I am a little bit afraid of getting into combat with him and him challenging out my champion/character and rolling the daemon prince transformation.

I did know I wouldn’t be able to take my Ironblaster as it would be over my allowance for rare choices but I was also pretty sure he won’t bring the Hell Canon either so shouldn’t have to worry to much about a lack of artillery.

The one thing I wanted to be sure of was that I could play in every phase of the game, so a small unit of Leadbelchers was an absolute must. I also wanted some magic, I think the best solution to this will be a Firebelly so I can be sure to have a 3d6 fireball to throw 6 dice at. I believe that concentrated fire with these 2 will easily destroy the smallish units we will be playing with.

As for core I am going to go with just simple Ogres with ironfists. My thinking is its cheap to get 6 with no command and put the Firebelly in there with his great weapon and flame breath to do the damage in any combat they get in.

Next I need a little hammer for my mini anvil, 2 Mournfangs with heavy armour and ironfists should do enough with their impact hits and mournfang attacks to kill what’s left after fireballs and Leadbelchers.

So here is the list:-

Firebelly Great Weapon

Ogres x 6 Ironfists

Leadbelchers x 3

Mournfang x 2 Heavy Armour, Ironfists

I wil be trying this list out in 2 days time so any constructive critisism would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Stonehorn Base

Well been a while since an update but I am still plugging away with my mournfang’s. Never said I was a fast painter! As a bit of a break I went to my favourite local gaming shop Questing Knight Games and bought me some new toys! First off is my furry friend the Stonehorn, also got a Firebelly and a pack if Fenrisian Wolves to use as my Sabrertusks as I really don’t like the models.

I have already stuck together my Stonehorn and have to say it was an absolute joy to work on. I have constructed the base as well and wanted to share the pictures before I primed it.

So here we go I hope you enjoy.

Mournfang Cavalry

First unit I am going to work on for this ogre army is my Mournfang cavalry. I have decided to do a unit of 4 with musician and standard (option to be the dragonhide if the points are there to spare). As the army is supposed to be on crusade in Khemri, I have decided to do a Bretonian theme to the units. With this unit it will just be in the colouring of the clothes and details in the tatoos. I have chosen bold primary colours, blue red and yellow for the trousers and they are suppose to look like they are made of the barding ripped off Bretonian knights horses. The mournfangs themselves I have decided to do in brown scheme with very light coloured skin. Here are a few WIP images of what I have managed to paint so far.

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