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Malifaux….Where to start?


Hi all,

Well basically as the title of the post asks, Ben and I are looking at getting into malifaux and are wondering what we need to get started?

Good starter crews?
Which books do we need?
Do you need the malifaux cards?
Any suggested special terrain?
Table size?
How long does a game take?

Any answers to these questions or any other advice would be great.

Thanks for reading.


Spartan Scenics

This stuff looks awesome, might have to be a purchase for my 40k board.

Miniature Musings of a Bear

Spartan Games will soon be supplying the world with scenery lots of it!

The starter of this endeavour is going to be highly modular sci-fi based kits that are looking pretty nice. On top of this though they will also be supplying accessory kits to for the buildings so you can really kit out you battlefields.

From the looks of things I am liking the fact you could just use it as LoS blocking terrain for games like 40K but smaller skirmisher games like infinity and others you can go inside the buildings and use it as part of the missions 😀

All this coming your way later in June, it is certainly looking sexy and made out of HDF apparently..

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2400pt List that I could field right now

Hi again guys,

I have been playing around with BattleScribe and wanted to see what I could field as a list with the models I have available to me now.  What I have come up with just seems to be a rather boring generic Ogre list and I am not all that excited by what I am seeing.  I do like the Slaughtermaster and I really want to put in the Stonehorn as I like the model.  I am just a little uninspired by the list in general. I am thinking of adding a Hunter as I just like the fluff of him, if anyone has any good hunter builds/strategies please put them in the comments below.

Ogres  (2395pts)

2400pt Ogre Kindoms 8th Ed AB and 8th Ed BRB Roster (Standard)

Ogre Kindoms 8th Ed AB and 8th Ed BRB (Standard) Selections:


  • Slaughtermaster: Fear (BRB-69), Immune to Poison (AB-35), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Lore of the Great Maw, Wizard Level 4
    • Magic ItemsBRB – Dispel Scroll, BRB – Dragonbane Gem, BRB – Fencer’s Blades, BRB – Glittering Scales


  • Bruiser: Fear (BRB-69), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
    • Magic Items and Big NamesBRB – Enchanted Shield, BRB – Talisman of Preservation
  • Firebelly : Blessings of the Volcano God (AB-36), Fear (BRB-69), Fire Breath (AB-36), Flaming Attacks (BRB-69), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Great Weapon, Lore of Fire, Wizard Level 1
    • Magic ItemsAB – Hellheart


  • Ironguts: Fear (BRB-69), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Bellower, Champion, 8x Ironguts
    • Standard BearerBRB – Standard of Discipline
  • Ogres: Fear (BRB-69), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Bellower, Champion, Ironfists, 8x Ogres, Standard Bearer


  • Leadbelchers: Fear (BRB-69), Ogre Charge (AB-32), Stomp (BRB-76)Bellower, 4x Leadbelchers
  • Mournfang Cavalry: Fear (BRB-69), Impact Hits (D3) (BRB-71), Stomp (BRB-76), Thick Skinned (AB-43)Bellower, Heavy Armour, Ironfists, 4x Ogre
    • Standard BearerAB – Dragonhide Banner
  • Sabretusk Pack: Fear (BRB-69), Running With The Pack (AB-38), Their Master’s Voice (AB-38)1x Sabretusks
  • Sabretusk Pack: Fear (BRB-69), Running With The Pack (AB-38), Their Master’s Voice (AB-38)1x Sabretusks
  • Sabretusk Pack: Fear (BRB-69), Running With The Pack (AB-38), Their Master’s Voice (AB-38)1x Sabretusks


  • Ironblaster: Fear (BRB-69), Large Target (BRB-72)
  • Stonehorn: Beast Rider (AB-53), Earth-shattering Charge (AB-53), Frenzy (BRB-70), Hunting Beast (AB-53), Large Target (BRB-72), Natural Armour (4+) (AB-53), Stone Skeleton (AB-53), Terror (BRB-78), Thunderstomp (BRB-76)Harpoon Launcher

Created with BattleScribe

WIP Ogres

Just wanted to post a quick WIP of my Ogres with Ironfists and hand weapons.  I quite like them so far but I am not to fond of the flesh so I think I will redo that. My freehand needs more practice as I am not sure if it is obvious that it is supposed to be a “Ogrey” Fluer de lis (spelling?!?) or not.


I hope you like the progress so far and should not take me to long to get the flesh redone….hopefully.

Anyway thanks for reading guys!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Modular Wargaming Terrain MAKI Games Kickstarter

Really like this terrain.

The Grinning Skull

If only I was still doing Necromunda, or any other scifi gaming in 28mm, cos’ these look very promising indeed! Ok, the plain ones don’t really inspire, but by the look of things, these could turn out to be a very good system for gaming. Why some one doesn’t do something like this for 15mm I really don’t know, but I’m sure 28mm players will be stoked.

These have got lots of wargaming potential if your prepared to splash some cash, and I’m in thinking that they would be best used with quite a few pieces rather than just a few. Still, they look like you could knock up some pretty impressive set ups given enough of the pieces.

Maki Games: High Quality Modular Wargaming Terrain by MAKI – Games — Kickstarter.

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BattleScribe Army List Builder

Thought I would share this info about a new app I have been trying out, seems really good and is easy to use. Have a read.

BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list builder for tabletop wargaming. It’s available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows/Mac/Linux computers.


++ Data Repository URLs ++
(copy/paste these URLs into the Manage Data screen)

++ Download BattleScribe ++



Kindle Fire:


If you have any other good apps or utilities please share them.

Mournfangs Finished at Last!

Hi again all,

I have finally completed my Mournfang Cavalry and I am very happy with how they have come out. I have really enjoyed using the new GW painting system and have found the metallic (Necron Compound is amazing) and the flesh tones to be superb. I am liking the muted tones of the Mournfangs themselves in contrast with the riders bright trousers. When I have completed this stage with my entire army I will be coming back to do tattoos and freehand on the standards.

Well all there is left to do is to show you the pics, I hope you enjoy!




Thanks for reading!

Heelenhammer Podcast

Is a great podcast, Bad Dice is also well worth listening to

Gaming Board

Hi all

Sorry for the delay in posts but have been a little unwell and not been in the mood for hobby.

But thats all behind me now. Over the last couple of days me and Ben have been building a newbgaming board. Up until now we have only had a 4’×4′ table in Ben’s living room. We decided we wanted a generic table that could be used in Warhammer, 40k and a new game we have picked up Empire of the Dead. The table is going to be a 6’×4′ and aiming for a countryside look with some mud paths.

To start off we bought an 8’×4′ board of 12mm MDF from Homebase and had it cut into 4 2’×4′ boards to allow for easy storage and variation in appearance.  The next stage was following the 6 exit system I have used for years,  we marked out where the roads would be. What the 6 exit system means is that roads will meet other boards roads and when they don’t all you do is put a building at the end of a road and you get like a nice driveway. After marking up the roads we watered down some PVA  applied it to the boards and the used a fish tank sand to apply texture. After leaving this to dry for a good couple of hours (thank god for netflix!)we then used a generic filler to make the road with a little bit of sand mixed in for texture.


This we then left overnight to dry so that we could apply paint the next day.  So after a good nights drying we started to paint.  What we used for this was a watered down brown emulsion that we “splodged” onto the sand and  we had 2 different shades.  On the roads we put a total coverage of the dark chocolate brown down. We aslo applied some different browns and greens using an airbrush to get a bit of blending in.



After leaving this to dry for another couple of hours we then sprayed the boards with a Plastikote Super Gloss to seal down any loose sand and to harden the plaster roads.  After yet more drying time we then painted on a thick layer of Ronseal Quick dry matt varnish. This was to dull the gloss down and to add another layer of protection.


Again we waited for drying…then we airbrushed some light brown on the roads for some highlights . Then we patched multiple different flocks onto the boards to add some more depth of colour and different textures. All of these were purchased from our local gaming store and were Javis products, nice and cheap but did the job nicely. So without further a do here is the finished article!



We were really happy with how this turned out and cant wait to get our first game done. Next thing we need is some better scenery and we are thinking of ordering the gothic buildings by Pegasus Hobby.

Anyway thats enough from me please feel free to ask and I will be happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

Battle of the Bellies….Ogres first skirmish.

Well last night I finally got my first game in with my Ogres against my good friend Ben.  As I mentioned in the previous post Ben is collecting a rather nice Warriors of Chaos army and as he is a complete hobby maniac he has already collected quite a sizable force, so when I was designing my list I had absolutely no idea what on earth he might be bringing to the table.  I was worried about challenges a lot in this game as I know from Bens constant bragging that his lowly champions can turn into a Daemon Prince and totally rip my 600 points of Ogres to pieces.  To limit this effect I dint really take any command in units as I didn’t think it would effect the army at this low points level.  Just as a reminder here is what I fielded:-

Firebelly Great Weapon

Ogres  x 6 Ironfists

Leadbelcher  x 3

Mournfang Cavalry x2 Heavy Armour, Ironfists

Now I am not exactly sure of all the details of Bens lists so I wont write it out in full.  He did have a combat Nurgle hero with a couple of small abilities (have no idea what) a small block of Chaos Warriors with swords and boards (I think it was 12) and 3 Dragon Ogres with great weapons.

We only played on a 4×4 table and had just little bits of terrain as we really wanted to meet and engage roll some dice and learn some rules. 


First turn went to ben and as he had no shooting or magic nothing much at all really happened just both blocks with the hero in the warriors marching headlong straight at me at a rather alarming rate.

My first turn was much more eventful I decided to move my Mournfangs out to the flanks a little to hope the Nurgle warriors would charge the Ogres and Firebelly and allow me to  charge and get some impact hits.  My magic phase was quite good I rolled an 8 with 2 4’s so felt confident about rolling a 3d6 fireball at the Dragon Ogres. I easily made the casting roll on 6 dice and Ben came nowhere close to the dispel so this huge Fireball smashed up the Dragon Ogres causing 5 unsaved wounds! So in the shooting phase with only 1 and a bit Dragon Ogres remaining I decided that finishing them off with the Leadbelchers was the best plan. Rolled up the number of shots and got a 9 which statistaclly isn’t brilliant but by no means terrible, hit with 7 (now were talking!) and wounded with only 2 (the dice god is a fickle mistress), Ben saved none of these wounds so another Dragon Ogre was removed.  All in all I was happy about how my first turn went. 


At this point Ben was not happy with my Leadies and decided he wanted to charge them with his Dragon Ogres and he easily made the charge with the Swiftstride roll.  The warriors and Lord attempted to charge my Ogres but didn’t fare as well and rolled double 1…poor Ben at this point I was feeling a little guilty about how bad his dice were rolling.  In the combat phase the Ogres miraculously got to fight first and showed how good standard ogres are in combat wiping out the remaining Dragon Ogre before it could retaliate,  Go Leadies!!!

My turn 2 is where I made my one mistake of the game, I decided not to charge my Mournfangs into the warriors thinking that a turn of magic and shooting would be better.  I moved the Mournfangs up a little to position a charge for the next turn. Magic phase went well again with another 3d6 fireball killing 4 Warriors and shooting killing 3, they passed there panic test.


Ben surprised me here by declaring a charge on the Mournfangs and not the Ogres, my stupid fault really leaving them in a chargeable angle.  He easily made the roll and now his combat hero got to play! Overall he didn’t do that much damage only wounding a Mournfang once. the warriors attacked and again only doing 1 wound to the Mournfangs with a scary amount of attacks from so few models.  I concentrated my attacks on rank and file trying to build up combat res and was shocked how hard to hit Nurgle warriors are. I whiffed all attacks with the riders and only killed 1 Warrior with the mounts and 1 with the stomp! So I lost this combat but managed to make the save…phew!

My turn 3 I did some jostling for position with my Ogres and Leadies so that if the Mourngang were killed I would hopefully be out of an easy charge range and get another turn of firing/magic.  I didn’t take the charge as I thought they would easily be chopped up for combat res.  In the combat The God of Filth and Decay really was not shining on Ben and he hardly hit anything and I made all my saves, and in return killed all the remaining warriors leaving the poor hero on his lonesome. He failed his moral and got rundown by the jubilant Mournfangs!


In conclusion this was a complete wipe out for poor Ben and we talked through that he wasn’t playing all the phases of the game and really missed not having any magic in the list.  I was happy with the way things went it was a fun few turns and really want to try out some bigger units of Mournfangs and get the charge as well as possibly a unit of 6 Leadbelchers. I also want to try a Butcher to see how all the buffing magic works.

Anyway thanks for reading guys and any comments about the list and what you think should be added or changed to make it into a 1000 point list will be greatly appreciated.


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