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Introducing the Crimson Talons

Hi all.

Taking a bit of a break from my Ogres as my little gaming group are having a bit of a 40k obsession currently. I have a couple of armies for the system but have decided to go back to my first 40k passion the Dark Eldar, and I am having a whale of a time working on them.  I am jumping from project to project a little in the creation of my Kabal. I have decided to go for an army that has a lot of Reaver jetbikes, mainly because I love the models and how they work in the game. The pure speed of them is amazing and bladvining units to death is really satisfying…I think that last comment may say more about me than I am willing to admit. Here are my first 3 of 12 WIP Reavers.



I have decided on a purple and red scheme for my army as I think it is a classic choice tried and tested. I have never done edge highlighting before and I have to say I quite enjoy it. Again I have to say how impressed I am with the GW paint range, the new purples are really nice and vibrant. For the metals I am going for a goldy/brass colour opposed to a lot of steel as I think it suits the more graceful models. For the basing on all models with a flight stand I am trying something new, I am going for a water based theme. It is quite a simple process the main basing is done with cork, sand and plaster. This is then painted up and the plaster is coated with gloss varnish to give it a shine like wet mud. After all this has dried I then liberally coat the base with Vajello water effect. I have chosen this product for 2 reasons, firstly when it dries it makes quite a choppy effect which suits the idea of it being a fast moving river. And secondly it is cheap only £8 for a large tub, compared to £15 for a tiny ass bottle of the GW stuff. I am liking the effect overall but I have changed it ever so slightly since these pictures by making the rocks higher more sand and higher water. If you try this yourself be warned it takes an age for the water effect to dry and go clear.

Next up on my hobby desk is a few Hellion’s. Now I know these are actually not that great but I love the models, and am planning a conversion for a beast master for 1 of them. I have stuck with the same theme paint wise and made some decisions on how to paint the non vehicle models. For the most part all the solid armour (chests, helmets and shoulders) will be in the purple edging and all the other main colour will be red. I plan to make all blades in the army gold/brass…may do something different on Wracks and Incubi. Anyway enough waffling here is a WIP picture.


Last few days been having a break from m the painting and have gon into a bit of a conversion/kit bash frenzy. First off I bought another battle force box as it is hell of a good box set for the money, and I wanted lits of parts. My main goal was to make some Trueborn with blasters (blasterborn seems to be the internet name) and some additional dark lance wielders to make a Trueborn devastator’esque unit. I decided I wanted to go for mostly female minis so used the the wyches bodies and weapons from the Scourge and Kabalite Warrior sets. I am happy with how they have turned out, especially the dark lancers as they look like they are about to set up the weapons on the tripods for a shot. Here’s a PIC of the built.


Not a great image I am afraid as the light here in sunny Shropshire the last few days has been awful. These were not difficult to kitbash as GW have designed all the range to be completely interchangeable with the parts. From the same battle box I also built the warriors in the background, yes I know shredders aren’t optimal but I like ’em.

The next conversion is a little more complex, Wracks. Now do t get me wrong I really like the actual models but I think they are very expensive for what they are and are a little static. What I have decided to do is use Dark Elf Corsair models that I already own as the base for the conversion. I chose these as I like the cloaks and I think the flayed animal skin suits the Dark Eldar coven ideals. From the basic models I am going to use left over arms and heads from my other Dark Eldar kits to try and make some strange configurations, two arms on one side of the torso etc. The heads I am trying to use all bald ones with either the half mask or I will greenstuff over the mouth for a matrix style mouth skinned over look. Preferably I will be using the completely masked reaver/wych heads as they will look best in my opinion. I will also be trying my hand at a bit of sculpting on the torsos and on the legs. I want to remove a lot of the waist sections of the original armour and to replace them with a flayed human kilt. This on my ordinal test has gone quite nicely and should improve with practice. I will also be doing some conversions of the torsos by sculpting pectorals and attempting to do abs…I have struggled with this so far and would appreciate any tips from you guys. I think I need some better tools and maybe try a different sculpting product. This is one I have half finished so far.


I am quite happy with it in progress but would love to hear what you guys think. I am looking to get 10 of these done for starters and then potentially another 30 more so want them right and not overly difficult to make.

Well I hope this is interesting to everyone and look forward to bringing more of the Crimson Talons to you all soon.

Thanks for reading!


…and I think I’d rather be Tough than Armoured.

Completely agree with all this post, really good read.

Been a while.

Hi all

Really just wanted to post to say yes I am still alive! I have been quite busy hobby wise lately especially with scenery making and painting.


Here is a picture of our scenery bits before a heavy paint session.  The 2 large grey bits are actually parts from my cooker hood, we thought they would make amazing scifi industrial terrain with a splash of paint. Most of the scenery in the picture is for 40k as we are having a bit of a blitz on the game at the moment. I have picked up my Dark Eldar again and am having a whirl painting them…not so much fun playing them, strength 5 pulse rifles are the bane of my existence.




I am very happy with how all the terrain has turned out, the techno bridge in particular looks awesome. We have gine for a grimey look, lots of green and brown wash fun was had by all. Another great help was the Vallejo air paint Rust, it is such a nice paint and makes an awesome effect on metallics.  The hill’s we made out of a high density foam that we carved with bread knives, pva’d some sand on, slapped on a bit of paint and Bob’s your uncle we have some great hill’s.

Right thats enough from me for now.  I will be back with an introduction to my Dark Eldar Kabal the Crimson Talons, some more close up pics of our terrain and another unboxing of some Pegasus Hobbies stuff.

Thanks for reading guys.

Got a blog sorted

Ben has finally got his ass into gear and started a blog
Have a look guys at some of the scenery we are making and the campaign we are starting.


Its not hard they said, anyone can do it they say.

Well I managed to set up a blog, it took a new email account to do.  I tried with multiple email accounts, and got locked in the Matrix, between please reset password, account doesn’t exist, and create new account, o wait you cant that email is already in use.  Well if it is reset my password. well never mind, i’m here now.

So what can you expect??  Well I have been described as a hobby whore.  I am going to use this blog as a bit of inspiration to get more of my armies painted.  My main quest atm is my Tau, hence the blog name, but I will be delving into the realm of chaos too, and the odd dark angel. 

I will showcase my models, some tips I have learnt, and undoubtedly be asking for much advice…

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Pegasus Hobbies Techno Bridge Review part 1

Hi all,

Yesterday me and Ben went to our flgs Questing Knights for a look around and as usual end u0 spending far more money than we intended. It is a great shop as it has things from so many different manufacturers that the choice is amazing. One of the many items we picked up was the Techno Bridge by pegasus games to start our scenery collection.  We were so impressed with this kit when we opened it that we decided a blog review was in order.

The unboxing:


Well after unceremoniously tipping all the items out of the box we were aoready impressed. All the parts had minimal mould lines and there was only a few little plastic nubs that will need to be cut off the railings. The plasric used to make the bridge is of a really good quality nice and rigid and the detail is nice, not overly intricate to make painting a nightmare but enough to avoid it looking plain. In the box there is 2 main bridge sections, 2 ramp sections and 8 sections of railing. The construction of the kit is so simple each part has a little tab that simply clicks into a recess on the next part, the fit is so good that glue isn’t 100% needed.  This is a good feature as you could very easily purchase another bridge to almost double the size.  The construction when all parts are clean will take less than 5 minutes.


So next we snapped all the parts together for a dry run and it made a really impressive piece.  It is over a foot in length and offers a lot of cover in an in game situation. The bridge is wide enough that a landraider can be placed lengthways across it.

Overall at this stage we are seriously impressed especially considering it cost us £11.80 after our store discount. The next part we will post tomorrow after painting this little beauty.

If your interested a little more in Questing Knigts please click on the link in the main menu. Alan the owner is always willing to order in any item you want and runs the S.T.A.G.S. wargaming club here in Telford.

Thanks for reading and talk to you in part 2 tomorrow.

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