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Hi folks,

Had an interesting week in the hobby this week. I have had a big purchase to help get my armies painted quicker and hopefully better. I bought this airbrush kit from Everything Airbrush for £214 I thought this seemed like one of the best deals out there. First off I would like to recommend this site whole hearted, the service was great and very quick delivery which is all anyone can ask really. The quality of this brush is really good. It feels very solid in the hand with a nice weight to it. I have had the obvious teething problems that all novice airbrushers have, tip dry, thick paint, thin paint etc etc. But after some experimentation I seem to be getting better results. I have started practising by doing some pretty shading techniques on my Dark Eldar vehicles. I have chosen these because of the larger flat panels I thought would allow room to make a couple of mistakes, while this was true airbrushing is not particularly forgiving of medium.

I decided to paint the vehicles mostly purple so started by preshading the centre of the panels black on top of the grey primer. This is so that once thin layers of the purple are added on top the centre parts will be darker than the edges giving an almost blended effect. From there I will have to use paint brush to do all the detail work as my airbrushing isn’t quite ready for straight lines and small detail…yet. Here are some pics of the wip stage I am at.




I am very happy with the effect the preshading has created , it is quite easy to get the different tones of colour running through the model. What I have discovered is that you in bed to be patient with this process, as with normal painting lots of thin layers is way better than just spraying a whole bunch of paint in one go as this can lead to pooling of the paint which does not look good at all. I would also recommend painting parts before construction or even just part construction. This would have allowed me to paint the metallics with the airbrush with no chance of ruining the purple…which nearly happened hopefully I have rescued it. Also washing the model first I believe would allow the paint to adhere to the plastic better, I know this is a basic tip but for 90% of us out there painting away I doubt we ever do it.

I will be posting up the completed model hopefully in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading guys.

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