First post of the New Year…at last.

Well its been a while since I have update my blog at all and I will admit I have not been up to a great deal of hobby. I have received loads of trolls during the silly season and have basically stuck them all together and not really had chance to look at them again since.
I must have been a good boy as like I said I really did get a good haul (does include money sent by far away relatives…and surprisingly friends who don’t want Wayland games appearing on their statements) I thought I would list all the Trolls I received:-

Mountain King


Earthborn Dire Troll

Slag Troll

Storm Troll x2

Scatter Gunner boxes x 2

Scatter Gunner UA

Fennblade UA

Whelps x 2

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

I was really chuffed with all of these and I think with everything else I have I can really start putting out some good lists. This is where I am getting stuck. My mate Ben does sort of play Warmachine but he isn’t as excited about the game as I am and for some reason still prefers 40k ( I.. well I… God knows). He has a small Cryx list which he basically copied of the Hobbynomicon blog about Warmachine factions on the cheap, I have beaten this list a few times now and to be honest it really doesn’t hold up to my pGrissel “Red Tide” list. I just jam the crap out of him with Fennblades and then my Mauler Axer and Kreil warriors pretty much finish the job off. These games are also all 35pt games and I am finding I am not learning all that much as he doesn’t have the models to change up his list.I have had a few games with Ade and Andy from where I got a load of rules wrong but still had a great time even being crushed by Andy’s Butcher3 list. I am based in Telford Shropshire that doesn’t seem to have a big Warmachine meta at all, this is mainly down to the biggest shop in the area not stocking Warmachine and the club associated not even allowing it to be played their! I have been over to Titan Games in Lichfield which is a superb shop and Martin and the guys are a wealth of knowledge, but seeing as it is quite a distance away it is not convenient to pop over their after work for a game really. I am wondering If any of you guys are either local to me and Warmachine players up for some 50pt Steamroller 2014 games or know someone/a group of players close ish to Telford. I really want to start Tournament gaming this year at some point, so some mates to go with would be awesome and don’t want to be surprised by ever list that gets put in front of me.

So even though I haven’t had a game since 01/12/13 I have been listening to a lot of podcasts related to Warmachine and Hordes. I have a few favourites and I think without getting any actual game time they have helped with my game knowledge (even Crump from Muse on Minis has been helpful).

My top 3 podcasts are Muse on Minis where Jon and the crew chat a lot of Warmachine and have a great laugh while doing so. I have found Chad and Keiths opinions on the show to be particularly useful and Colin’s Christopher Walken impression was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. For those that haven’t listened before they have a lot of different features that they do on the show including dojo sessions where one of the guys will ask the rest of the group to give opinions on a list they have been working on, List busters where listeners have put lists up on the forums and describe what they want to use the lists for, the guys will play the lists and give feed back on them. My favourite thing they do is the lightning round which is basically a Q&A but done at supposed speed but is hilarious.

Number 2 on the list is a relatively new podcast from Canada called Troll Patrol. Here at the moment there is a less static group that present the show it seems to change up a lot in the first 4 episodes they have put out. This though has been good as having multiple opinions on the subjects has been good. With this podcast they are a little local meta centric but the topics they talk about have been really interesting especially the episode about Tough and another about re-balancing the game.

I would have to say that my last pick even though a very new ‘cast with just 2 proper episodes released is quickly becoming my favourite. The Dark Omen clubs “Forgot to Feat” ‘cast is so well made and really fun to listen from start to finish. They pick some interesting topics that help all players improve their game from a competitive stand point which seems to be the ethos of their club which I am gutted is 3000 miles away from me as I would be there in a heartbeat! Their first cast they had a great discussion on what is now referred to as #ruleof3 on Twitter. Anthony basically bought up on the show how he likes to learn to play a faction, the whole idea is to pick 3 casters that you want to play, and play just can swap out the components of the lists at will though he did recommend to not swap about to much as this doe s somewhat defeat the point. The idea of the 3 lists from a competitive stand point is that this is the Masters tournament build. You want to pick lists that work well as a group and that you feel you could drop one or more of the lists against any opponent.

With the #ruleof3 in mind and also wanting to be a successful tournament player I have decided to take this approach to playing Trollbloods in 2014. Now from what I have read/heard/been told is that Cryx is Trollbloods major bad matchup, now I haven’t had much problem playing Ben with his Cryx but as he is also a new player and without being rude to him is not really testing me and due to the fact he has 1 list I am certain I am not seeing the real power Cryx are against Trolls. I don’t want to just pick 3 “Net Lists” either so I have refrained from jumping on the PP forums and do the obligatory “New Player First List” post just to have experienced players tell me what I should take as I don’t think this will help me.

From what I have learned about Cryx from watching top player a on Youtube thanks to EndGame Gaming (brilliant channel and should have way more subscribers than he does) I have come to an opinion that Cryx lists seem to be small based infantry spams for the best part. Bane Thralls look pretty damn scary escpecially combined with Bile Thralls exploding in my face. With this in mind I really think I need a way of removing a lot of infantry fast and efficiently which leads me to my first caster pick in the #ruleof3 pGrissel. I think a pGrissel list correctly structured should allow me to effectively remove a lot of infantry and also be effective as a list to take zones in scenario. Here is my initial list idea:-

PGrissel (+5)

Storm Troll 5

Impaler 5

Max Kriel Warriors 6

Kriel Warrior UA 2

Max Long Riders 11

Max Burrowers 6

Max Krielstone Bearers 4

Stonescribe Elder 1

Min Scatter Gunners 5

Scatter Gunner UA 2

Horthol 5

At the moment the list is 3 points shy of what it could be and I am not 100% sure what to use those points for at the moment. The plan for this list would be to deploy with the Kriels in front and jamming with them and the Burrowers. The Scatter Gunners are to spread out and mingle within the Kriels to spray through them for maximum effect. The Long Riders and Horthol I want to deploy in the back field of the army and use them with the Storm Troll animus to clear mass infantry on the feat turn. I am a little worried at how effective the Burrowers will be without the Fell Caller buff, I know I can fit him in the list but his buffs are less effective in a Grissel list as both his and her calls cannot be on the same unit at once. So on feat turn the Burrowers will not be able to be effected by either the feat or the Fell Caller. I am beginning to think this will be a worth sacrifice to make them useful for the rest of the game.

My other 2 lists in this #ruleof3 are less confirmed, mainly due to lack of experience playing to be honest. I know I want to use more warbeasts in the next 2 lists as they are some of the reasons I picked Trolls to play, I would also love to have the Mountain King in a list too, because it seems a waste having such a beast of a model just sat on a shelf! I think I require from the remaining lists something that is good at cracking heavy armour and I really fancy getting Hunters Grim into the selection of lists. Haven’t had chance to play him yet so have no idea what his strengths and weaknesses are but want to do a mixed arms list with him to utilize his feat turn, and will try to run without the Krielstone as I think he might be a bit Fury hungry for it. As for the third caster as of yet I have no clue, I would like to do one of the Madraks or Doomshapers. I am leaning towards pMadrak or eDoomshaper as I think they will both run quite nicely with a good chunk of beasts and I need a place to put Mulg.

Any advice from you guys would be really helpful.

Right that’s enough babbling on from me I might actually go paint something!

Thanks for reading!




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