Wargamingforfun.com 40k Campaign…meeting the guys and Kill Team

Yesterday I had a great day at Wargamingforfun.com HQ starting off the campaign for 40k that Commissar Dave (or Awesome) is helping Ade and Andy run. The campaign will all be recorded and games put up on the website which should be a really good watch. We have 8 guys playing in the campaign working as 4 pairs to try and achieve victory. The initial part of the campaign we are fighting over 3 planets with lots of different “bases” such as space ports, shield generators and hive cities all giving different bonuses to our armies both on and off the table.

I am playing my Dark Eldar force “The Crimson Talons” throughout the campaign and my team mate is Gav who is playing a really lovely painted Eldar army. The other teams are Ben and Andy with the dirty dirty Tau Empire, Ade and Scott are representing the forces of destruction with Orks and Daemons, the last but not least are Dave and Alex who are representing the Imperium with Imperial Guard and a Dark Angel/Grey Knight alliance.

Yesterday we basically all met up and just had a get together with a few games of Kill Team which is an interesting twist on the general 40k rules system. Kill team basically works with only 200 pts per side and the force organisation chart is reduced to:-

0-2 Troops

0-1 Elites

0-1 Fast Attack

You can also only take models with 3 wounds or less, vehicles can have max 3hp and 33 combined armour all the way around and no 2+ armour save is allowed. I think there may have been some more restrictions but I have already forgotten them. Also to be taken into account in the army construction is that you need to pick 3 specialists and a Leader so 4 models is a minimum. The specialists get to pick 1 extra ability from a 4 different lists and you cant pick more than one from each list. So basically you get access to things like split fire and stealth etc etc.

When it came to list creation for this I thought well lets get as much small arms firepower down as I can with also a bit of mobility to move to objectives. So with this train of thought I decided on a very elite little Kill Team of 4 Trueborn’s in a Venom with dual Splinter Cannons. I equipped 2 of the Trueborns also with Splinter Cannons 1 with a Blaster just in case of cheeky transports and the final guy had a Splinter Rifle. I thought this would be brilliant and would hopefully churn through infantry like nobodies business….Then I found out when I got to Wargamingforfun.com HQ and was watching the first game being played that every model acts as an individual model and that all my splinter cannons would be firing at 1 target each!!! (yes that includes the Venom shooting 12 times at 1 target). Oh No! Well as you may guess this list was not super effective as it could only kill a maximum of 6 models per turn.

My first game I played against my team mate and we played the mission “Seize the High Ground” where essentially we were fighting to get as many models onto the hill on the centre of the board by the end of the game..well at least that’s what the mission thought! Gavs Kill Team included a unit of about 10ish Guardians and 4 or 5 Warp Spiders ( I think this seems about right, sorry Gav if I got this wrong). Anyway I set up my 2 Splinter Cannons in a nice bit of cover (both specialists one with Stealth and the other with Split Fire) and the remaining Trueborns were in the Venom. Gav spread his army across his deployment zone and was allowed to deploy 2 models in outflank thanks to an ability of his leader. The game started well for me with the Splinter Canons killing 3 and the venom Killing another. Then on Gav’s turn he Warp jumped his spiders and killed 2 to rolling doubles, I really thought I was in for the win here and would romp on home….over confidence is a bitch! Due to the short range of the elder weaponry they all ran up the board and towards the objective so I took no casualties in this turn. So starting turn 2 I only had to kill a few more to break the Kill Team and have them start making LD rolls or running off the table for good so I carried on where I left off. Splitting fire the first Splinter cannon hit 4 times…0 wounds the second hit 3 times..2 wounds and both saved (not looking good here) then I homed in on the Kill Team Leader with the Venom and got 9 hits, 6 wounds and the little git saved them all!! I could not believe this I then shot the Blaster at him, hit and then proceeded to roll a 1 to wound. That turn could really not have gone worse if I had tried. Gav then basically systematically destroyed my entire Kill Team in 1 turn, Warp spider leader got in close and got 1 hit on the Venom, rolled a 6 to pen, my luck then continued on its downward slide and I failed my Flickerfield save. Gav then exploded my Venom killing 1 member inside only for the survivors to be gunned down by the remaining Warp Spiders. The 2 outflanking Guardians also turned up this turn both came in on the same flank and with some Eldar jiggery pokery moved an absolute mile to get in range and killed both of my Splinter Cannons. Tabled…brilliant! Well at least I got a VP for first blood I suppose.

Now for the next game I thought I would change things up a little, I didn’t have my whole collection of models with me so didn’t have a great deal of choice, so this time I had a unit of Kabalites with a Shredder and a Splinter Cannon with a minimum unit of Reavers with a cluster caltrop. Obviously I didn’t learn my lesson from the last game as the Bladvanes and the caltrops really were going to have a minimal effect as they can each only effect 1 model…idiot. This game was against Dave and his Imperial Guard, yes you guessed it Lasgun spam…I stood precisely 0 chance of winning this game as I was out numbered 5 to 1 and I lost initiative to have half my foot sloggers dead including the Shredder and Splinter Cannon. I couldn’t deploy to far back as the mission this game was to uncover some supplies and all the objective markers had scatter miles away from where I placed them. All I could see myself salvaging out of this game was 1 victory point so I sent my Reavers on suicide missions to avoid the whitewash. I basically targeted out Daves leader and Bladevane and Caltroped it to death..yes it did take all 3 of them my rolls were terrible and I Dave saved way more than statically should have. The game did go on for a few more turns as I just turbo boosted around killing a couple of guardsmen here or there but eventually under weight of fire my Reavers died. Not a great showing from the Dark Eldar.

Due to the relative high points cost of the Dark Eldar and their complete lack of survivability I don’t think Kill Team will ever be my forte to be honest. As an army we also excel in use of our vehicles and multi shot weaponry which as I found out to my detriment doesn’t help in Kill zone at all. I think I would have been better off fielding 20 Kabalite warriors with 2 Shredders mixed in..at least then I could have shot at 21 targets (split fire on the Splinter Cannon).

I did play 1 last game against Scott and his Daemons but I feel bad even writing about it. But seeing as I was thrashed mercilessly in my first 2 games I will. Scott fielded the same Kill Team all day and it was a lovely looking team. I will admit to knowing precisely sod all about Daemons so going in I really had no expectations. The mission for the game was basically 1 team was attacker (Scott) and the other defender (me). The attacker had to move off models from the defenders table edge and got 1 VP for each model he managed with this. As the defender I got 1 VP for every 3 models of Scott’s I killed. Now Scott’s Daemons have no guns..yes no guns. I felt so sorry for him in this as he basically ran at my guns it was like Zulu. I will not go into blow by blow as basically I shot and he died, Scott was tabled and I lost no models. It was the worse possible scenario for him and he got the worst part to play. The game may have been very different if I was the attacker and had to break through a wall of Nurgle and Slannesh.

After all games were tallied up the Imperium forces won 5 out of 5 for by far the most impressive performance of the day The Eldar/Dark Eldar won 4 out of 6 (Gav played well at least!) The Forces of Destruction got a win early on for a 1 from 4 but most surprisingly was the Tau Empire who went the whole day without a win. As you may see from the videos the Tau players had far to much sugar and were far to hyperactive to actually play 40k yesterday so instead just gave there opponents some target practice!

I had a great day and it was such a laugh with a bunch of great guys but to be honest I don’t recommend Kill Team at all. I think it would be just as quick to play 500pt games of 40k (still not my favourite game) and if you wanted to play around with the Force Organisation chart to make the games different then why not. You could always use the Kill Team scenarios too with a bit of modification.

At this point in the original draft of this I harp on for a few hundred words about my issue with 40k, but seeing as I am still playing the game these issues cant be that bad as I still spend hard (not to hard) earned cash on GW systems. So due to this I cut it out, stopped moaning and contemplated on the fact that I had a great day and I am really looking forward to some more great games in a fortnights time.

Thanks for reading,




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