A little Friday afternoon dojo session

Hi again guys (fairly sure none of the fairer sex reads my blog,),
Back on to my favourite topic today, my beloved Trollbloods. As mentioned in a previous blog I am looking at running 3 different casters and 1 of which is Hunters Grim and that is who I want to talk about a bit today.
First off I want to say that I picked to play this guy as I really like the model for him and his little mates, I think they have so much character to them and the best hats in Warmahordes, that’s right I will play a caster on how good his/her hat looks! Even though the hats are the main reason for playing them I really do think they have one of the best spell lists in Trollbloods and just so much utility with all the special actions and abilities. Not only this but with a bit of Whelp support I am of the opinion that you can run a reasonably heavy beast list with him, due to not having to boost to hit as much with Mortality…more on this later. As the beasts are some of my favourite aspects of the Trolls the ability to field 3 or 4 is very appealing to me.

Seeing as I have never written up any dojo I am not sure where to start so I think what I will do is go through the caster and his abilities/spell list/feat and discuss what I think I will be able to make of the ability.

Hunters Grim

·        Special Abilities

Grim, Muggs and Krump:-

Take Down. Not really an ability I am planning on making a lot of use from seeing as it only effects models boxed in melee. Don’t really want to get Grim in that close all that often, nice to have but a little bit anti his actual purpose in my opinion.


No additional special rules really but HeadHunter, Grim’s gun, does allow beasts in the battlegroup to charge enemy models hit by this weapon any model hit b


Granted Reform. This is an extremely useful ability for these guys to have. Giving them the ability to start the activation in cover/concealment for protection pop out and then reform back in could be really helpful, or simply the ability for grim to rush forward cast a spell and then reform back into somewhere safer.

Muggs also gets PGrim’s old knockdown gun which does bring up some nice combos, whether that be knocking down a single model to help Grim get Mortality up, useful for knocking down that pesky heavy getting a bit close, really there is no downside  to having knockdown ability I can think of.


Trapper. Krump has this rather cool little ability(star action) that allows him to lay down a 5”AOE at his base that works as a trap. Any living model that enters or ends in the trap takes a POW 10 hit, if damaged the model is knocked down. Like I said this is cool but nothing that can really be relied upon to do a great deal of work, also doesn’t work against undead or flying models.

Krump does grant the whole unit with Circular Vision though with is really helpful for Grim in particular for casting or even shooting Headhunter.

·        Spell List

Mage Sight

This spell basically replaces pGrim’s goggles that allow ignore forests and clouds for the purposes of LOS and ignoring stealth which is a big thing for Trolls. In my opinion this is actually a good change, because no only does it help Grim but also it can benefit the whole battle group. Mage Sight places down a 5” AOE and any member of the battle group (including Muggs and Krump) get the above benefits. I think this is great for Bomber Impaler and Blitzer (well any beast in battle group with a Ranged weapon) and will really help against some of our bad match ups..by that I do mean Cryx. With a cost of 2 and range CTRL and upkeep I really cannot see a downside to this spell.


This is a great spell, and I am excited about using it quite a lot. Basically it allows the model/unit cast on to be placed within 2” in the control phase. It is pricey at 3 and limited range, only 6 inches but I think it will be unbelievably useful on Scatter Gunners. It can be used to get them into better position and still get the aim bonus if they don’t move and can also be used to disengage enemy models in melee with them. I can’t see me not using this spell at least once per game for one reason or another. This may be a great spell for the Runebearer to use turn 1 on a unit so Grim only has to upkeep the spell from then on.


This is the bread and butter of Grim’s spell list. This spell is truly brutal, cast on an enemy model/unit, the model/unit suffers -2 DEF and -2ARM and cannot heal for 1 round. This spell just helps out so much with low MAT/RAT issues some of our Troll units/beasts suffer with. On Feat turn Burrowers against a unit with Mortality within 5” are effective  RAT 10 if they aim and POW 16…with a Fell Caller this can be MAT 8 POW 16 in any turn! This even gets the Mountain King to MAT 7 and RAT 9 on Feat so he might hit something, not to mention effectively being POW 21. The great thing about this spell is because it is not upkeep you can actually have it on 2 units potentially even 3 with a Runebearer. It has a great range of 10” that can be boosted with Farrow Bonegrinders to a frankly scary 12”. Lets not forget that models effected by Mortality can’t be healed, which yes does mean it ignores Tough!! With the prevalence of Boomhowlers and Witch Doctored Gatormen out there at the moment this is a really useful thing to have.


This spell I must admit is the least appealing to me out of the list but is still a really good spell. Cast it on a big threat in the enemy’s army (unit or model) and if it gets to close to Grim or a particularly importnant model 1 model in the battle group within Grims control area can make a full advance after the model has finished its movement. I will probably not make best use of this spell as it seems a little to subtle for my normal play style, but I can see how having it on allowing Grim to do a runner is good or to simply have it on a unit to make an opponent think about what I might move if he moves..Mind games always my forte.

·        Feat:- On My Mark

Unlike pGrims brilliant control Feat this incarnation has a great combined arms destroy all Feat. Basically while in control area it gives all friendly faction models Snipe and an ability called Mark Target. Enemy models within 5” of a model with Mark Target get suffer a +2 to hit with ranged attacks. The reason I believe this to be a good combine arms Feat is that you need the some models in close to give ranged models the +2 to hit. This combined with Mortality is effectively +4 to hit and +2 Damage with an extra 4” weapon range.  I think this is a great anti Cryx infantry spam feat or even good against a Khador infantry spam.

So that is a little bit of a Hunters Grim run down for those not aware of his abilities and I think it also helps to have a thorough look at again when deciding what to take with him. With this list I am looking to run something rather beast heavy and probably without a stone as I don’t think he has the fury to keep it full and still use him to his full potential. I really want to use a Blitzer because he seems such an unpopular model but I got to believe Repulsion is a brilliant scenario ability to push models off flags or out of zones can’t be under valued. Also a potentially helpful piece to remove enemy support units with the boostable multishot (d3 shots) ranged attack. This is further helped with Virtuoso allowing the Blitzer to get even more range on the gun and getting use out of his melee attacks. I do think the Mountain King is also a valid choice here too especially with an Axer to increase the threat range. His huge base works very well with the feat potentially marking a lot of targets within 5” of him, Mortality really helps with the low MAT issue and then he is also getting a bootable POW 18 10” spray on Mortality targets.

As for units to go in the army I am struggling to look past Burrowers and Scatter Gunners as just having amazing potential for clearing infantry and even doing significant damage to heavier armour under Feat and Mortality. I think a Fell Caller is extremely useful with the Burrowers to further help their MAT when engaging in melee. POW 18 is just insane off these little buggers on a Mortality target. I do think Fenns and Kriel Warriors also have a place in the list as well, as far as I can see there really isn’t a bad choice to take with Hunters Grim, even Sluggers are not awful with him. Basically Mortality fixes or goes a long way to negating a lot of potential problems some of our units have.

Through writing this I have actually noticed just how much I may start to rely on Mortality to do a lot of work in this list. I am slightly worried about this, with FOCUS 6 there certainly is no guarantee that you will hit with it all the time. I am going to have to try knocking down the opponent first to make the success chance much greater.

This is my first version of the list

Hunters Grim – WB: +4
–    Hunters Grim (Muggs & Krump)
–    Trollkin Runebearer
–    Dire Troll Blitzer – PC: 9
–    Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 10
–    Troll Impaler – PC: 5
–    Slag Troll – PC: 6

Troll Whelps – PC: 2
Fell Caller Hero – PC: 3
Pyg Burrowers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
Scattergunners – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
–    Scattergunner Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard 2
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 1

What do you think?

I can see some area I would consider trimming and maybe adding some other elements. The good thing about this list is it does include models that I own (always a good start) and the other units I would include I as of yet don’t. That being said I think the Fell Caller may not be required as Grim does a lot for the Burrowers, the Slag Troll could easily be swapped out for a Pyre Troll to get access to a similar animus, though I do like the Slag Troll against Warmachine factions and 2 shots is always nice. The Gobbers are basically there to make up the extra point though they are a handy little unit, always nice to help keep Grim safe. I am keen on the battle group, I think it has a good amount of punch to it and would find it hard swapping out either of the heavies (except for doubling them up, i.e. 2 Blitzers or 2 Bombers) . I would like to have Viktor Pendrake in the list, his Chain Bola would be a nice include along with the Beast Lore ability to add a little extra anti Hordes to the list. As mentioned in the run down at the top I really think the Farrow Bonegrinders would be good here too. Not only can they increase the range of Grims spells but also can cast a dead warbeasts animus which could really be helpful if the Impaler is lost early and the additional magic attack could be helpful as the list does have very few. Those 2 inclusions would be 4/5 pts which is not difficult to get here.

I will try out the above list a few times before I rush to change it as I think it is solid and can hold its own. The other consideration in tournament play is whether it will work well with my pGrissel list, but seeing as I am still learning the game I will worry about that at a later date.

As always any feedback on the list or my thinking behind it will be greatly appreciated chaps.

Thanks for reading,




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