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Looking for a Tournament to go to

Happy New year all!

I hope you all had a happy silly season and got all the toys you wanted. I got a nice addition to my Trollbloods army/collection, the rather impressive looking Mountain King. He is already stuck together and base coloured so shouldn’t be long before I have some pics up here. Right anyway less of that nonsense and back to what I actually wanted to talk about.

I have made a gaming New Year’s resolution of sorts and that is to go to at least 4 Warmachine/Hordes tournaments in 2014 and to find a club local that actually plays the system. First off with the club, I live in Telford Shropshire and I know the Dudley Darklords are close to me and they play PP games and was wondering if anyone knew when there Christmas break finished? And if any readers are localish if they had any other suggestions for clubs to go try out?

Next is this whole tournament resolution. Does anyone know of any happening in the Midlands area? Preferably a 1 dayer as a whole weekend is a little difficult to do at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can be with this.




Finally got my ass in to gear!

Hi guys, been a while with an update I know. I have been doing the typical wargamer thing and buying loads of models yet painting hardly any! But today I have actually finished another unit at last. Not a great pic I am afraid but thought I should document them as I think they will be the last models painted this year.

Here are my Fennblades,


I will admit not my best paint job ever but I do like the way they look on the table and think they will go nicely with the rest of my army. Who knows what is going to be next up on the painting table but I think I will go for a solo or a beast next.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you all have a nice Christmas and new year!



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